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Housework and Shopping

Hmmm... "Housework and Shopping" sounds like the title of a "Pet Shop Boys" album.

Yesterday I picked a very jet lagged Paul up from Heathrow. We had breakfast then beer at the White Swan. Had intended a few beers in London but I sent Paul off on his own to stay at Alan's as he was clearly not going to be able to keep awake for much longer.

Today I had intended to join the happy last second throng in the Christmas shopping experience in Kingston. But as I didn't get off to sleep until 5am (due to sleeping most of the evening on the sofa) I didn't get up until 1pm. So the plan tomorrow is get up at 7am dash over to Kingston. Have breakfast at 8ish, be on doorstep of shops as they open, rush round and get out PDQ.

Had a cheque arrive for my dad today. Why this upsets me so much I have no idea. It was only a few quid no big deal. But it's strange that his name lives on in bank computer systems.

Having cleard the flat of empty wine bottles and beer bottles, done a couple of days of washing-up I've moved on to the geek washing-up.

The silver I used on the HDD rack seems too dark so I took a sample to Halfords and found (what looks like) a good match for the standard silver everything from my TV to my Scanner seems to be painted now... and the colour is Mitsubishi Satellite Silver.

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