Mark Rimmell (markrimmell) wrote,
Mark Rimmell

Met up with Miss Jinny and Emily in Kingston this afternoon. I don't think I've been down the pub with Emily for about 13 years... I doubt she will remember that afternoon. It was raining so we were permitted to take a baby in the pub. I was quite surprised how much Emily has grown.

Kingston was packed. Couldn't see a single thing I would part with money for. I did try to get something in Maplin but I got fed up with waiting for 3 staff to deal with one customer, while other staff gathered up random customers from around the shop to have them jump the queue.

In other news...

Silver PC nears completion. I will clear the kitchen of soldering iron, glue-gun, bits of wire... tomorrow.

I have been researching international removal companies.

I could do with going to the computer fair on Saturday... but as it's new years eve, my guess is it won't be on this weekend. Unless anyone knows better?

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