Mark Rimmell (markrimmell) wrote,
Mark Rimmell

And as it's nearly the end of the year... Here's a quick recap

2005... a year of crapness and a year of good stuff too

Obvious carp stuff.

Dad going down hill and dying. July 5th.
and me having to dealing with all the forms, probate, tax that came afterward.

Less obvious crap stuff

Moses getting ill and worrying me with thyroid problems.
Oh and costing over £1000 to get him well again.

Good stuff.

The bad stuff was made a whole lot easier to deal with because of wonderful girlfriend, family and friends. Special mention to Nora because I couldn't of got through any of this without her help and support.

Went to the USA 3 times.

Proposed marriage and got accepted.

Ari came over to see me lots and lots.

Started snorkeling again.

Met lots of interesting people.

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