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People who left this year:

Ken Rimmell

Hunter S. Thompson

Ronnie Barker

Dave Allen (watched him on TV tonight... laughed till I cried . The term "comic genius" get used too flippantly these days... But he really was a comic genius. I must look for some Dave Allen DVDs.)

Sir John Mills

Mo Mowlam

Robin Cook

Jack Kilby (Geek points awarded if you know who he was)

Hendrikje van Andel-Schipper (The grim reaper had been looking for her for ages... born 1890!)

Anne Bancroft

Richard Pryor

George Best (one of the few footballers I've heard of)

Lord Lichfield

The King of Saudi Arabia

Sir Edward Heath

Arthur Miller

Johnny Carson

Karol Wojtyla (Religion points if you know who he was)

Grace Kelly's husband.

Michael Billington
Ed Bishop (Weird that... Both in UFO in the 70s died within days of each other.)

Richard Whiteley

James Doohan (fathered a child at the age of 80, must of been the dilithium crystals)

Philip J. Klass (No, space aliens didn't get him)

Robert Moog (my record collection would be half the size had it not been for this man)

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