Mark Rimmell (markrimmell) wrote,
Mark Rimmell

I tried to get up early today... Couldn't do it. Sleep pattern all shot to bits. Had horrible dream where I was trying to get my dad somewhere. We had to get over all sorts of obstacles and I was carrying him. Trying to keep him safe. His bones were as thin as hair and like glass and I was terrified any sudden movement would break him to bits.

Woke-up to find solicitor had phoned, he has more forms for me to sign. I'm going over to his office first thing tomorrow.

Went to look at my storage unit just to remind myself of just how much stuff I still need to get rid of or repack... Hmmm... not looking too bad, I had got rid of more than I thought.

Came home via DIY store, got wood for kitchen. I'm going to tart-up the kitchen a little, make it a bit more rentable or sellable... Whatever I decide to do with it... As in the whole flat , not just selling or renting the kitchen.

Went to post office sent DVD to friend in NY for bribery / thanks for doing Edna May research in NY Public Library for me. Sent special surprise package to Ari.

Hope to hear from Ari this evening about the fire and how the insurance loss adjustor thing went. Ari may also be looking for houses this week. I'm disappointed I can't be there looking around other people's houses too. I love house hunting, it's like a licence to be nosy.

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