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Do you want the good news or the bad news?

Went to the computer fair on Saturday morning. One new 160Gb HDD, 100 blank DVD-Rs, some audio leads.
Walked down to Treadwells and surprise, surprise met Sue there. Haven't seen Sue for AGES! Seems Sue is now resident in sunny Swindon.
Arrange to meet in Swindon following night and introduce Sue and her chap to RJ and Emma.

Come home to find there's a cheque from NS&I for my dad, one of his premium bonds has paid out. Wish he'd had a win that big when he was alive. Quite a nice surprise but it should only pay about half of the solicitor's fee.

Sunday drove down to Swindon, went down The Victoria (pretty well stocked jukebox) around 5:30 had Sunday dinner (very good vegetarian selection)... We are only 3 hours early to meet Sue and her chap. So we were quite merry by the time they arrived.

Monday I woke up around 8:30 on the library floor at Brown-Moore Hall. RJ has gone to work and won't be back for a couple of hours so I make coffee and read his books.

Around 10 phoned my solicitor he tells me three things "no you can't pay the cheque in" he's closed my dad's bank account last week, but he can get the cheque changed to be paid to me. Also there's no tax to be paid on the bonds cheque. Then he tells me the best news of all, Tax Man says he's cool with my figures and excepts the valuation of the estate so... no investigation and no more tax to pay. Not that I've anything to hide but I don't trust government departments to ever get anything right first time or come to any swift conclusions.

Now the bad news. One of Ari's cats had an argument over food and ended up with her eye popped out. A rush to the vets and $500 later the eye is back in it's socket and lid temporary sewn shut.

Today posted cheque, had late lunch, did some laundry, and washing-up.

Last bit of news....
I am off to see Ari on the 31st of January... Staying with her for a month.

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