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Interesting day.

Didn't sleep much last night. My sleep pattern is getting worse. Must cut down on the coffee.

Spent the morning with Neil visiting the Museum of London. We were there to take a look at some bronze age swords. Many thanks to Jon Cotton (who I think is the curator of prehistory) for allowing us to get up close and personal with some very valuable swords. You can look at hundreds of photographs but it's no substitute for looking at and handling the objects. It's inspired me to get on and finish the sword Neil cast for me. I do a little casting myself but couldn't ever hope to get anywhere near the quality Neil achieves.

Strangely while at the museum we met Christine from Butser Farm... I was surprised she remembered me as we've only met a couple of times and the last time was when we were down there to cast a Roman god for the Roman Villa TV Villa.. Which seems like ages ago.

This evening I went over to see Uncle Nemesis and Andi. While there we shot a short video that should be gracing the Web shortly.

Now I'm waiting for Ari to get home form work so I can call and see how her day was.

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