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I can't sleep... That's why I've been fiddling around with Scrapdog's Comment stats thing.

Ari should be home by now... but hasn't turned up on messenger yet. So I'm going to be a fuss pot and sit here worrying.

And I'll tell you about my nightmare... I was at the Marquee The one in Charring Cross Road... but as in most dreams it was different. I was trying to surreptitiously bootleg a band. I wasn't being very successful in being surreptitious as I seemed to have a huge tower of equipment and three very big microphones. One of the bouncers came over to me as I was trying to hide what seemed like half of Abbey road studio and gripped me in the chest with a paralysing pincer like grip... I woke up with such a bad chest pain I thought I was having a heart attack.

I've just remembered the dream because I have the same pain again... and I think I know what it is, I slouch in front of the PC too much.

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