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Can't sleep...

Let's calculate how old I am in Martian years... I'm 23 Martian years old... Hmmm I think I may become a Martian.

Some of my hair is a sort of metallic dark red now so I'm clearly from Mars and 23 years old.

Information from Your Age On Other Worlds.

I found another cool site where you can scale down the solar system into more manageable numbers... But it just starts to make my brain hurt. When you scale down the earth to 2.7mm (that's about the size of a 2p coin or slightly bigger than a quarter) then the the sun would be the size of an old vinyl LP by comparison.. Fine so far, then by comparison the Earths distance from the Sun would be 32.237 meters (105ft 9inches) Ok I can visualize that... But that means Pluto at it's closest would be 1274.445 meters from the sun about .7 of a mile... Wow! Remember the scale is Earth the size of a coin. OK let's leave the solar system and go to a near by star Alpha Centauri in our (Earth = 2p coin scale) becomes 8706.7km or 5410 miles away... So if I put an LP on my record deck in my flat in London to represent the sun... I'd have to place another one on Ari's record player in Texas to represent Alpha Centauri (give or take a couple of hundred miles).

So how far is the centre of the galaxy in this coin = Earth, LP = Sun Universe? Answer is... about 35 million miles.

Now tell me this sort of stuff doesn't keep you awake at night?

You can scale down the Galaxy and even the speed of light here

Please note I am not a flat Earthist (I can almost hear my inner pedant about to start a sentence beginning with the word "Actually") So just to make things clear I use a coin to represent the scale diameter of bodies I firmly believe to be spheres.

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