Mark Rimmell (markrimmell) wrote,
Mark Rimmell

Still can't sleep

Earlier tonight I mentioned the phrase "flat Earthist"... and this made me wonder are the Intelegent Design people (creationists) also flat Eartists?

Do they still hold on to the idea the Earth is the centre of the Universe? How about microscopic life? The church once denied microscopic life. Their argument as far as I can follow it went something like this. God created man in his image, God gave man domain over the rest of His creation and therefore wouldn't of made anything too small for man to see.

Hmm... do I really want to go look at a load of looney Web sites to find out?

Well I've just looked into the murky waters of amateur theology and found out here that antediluvian animals were all vegetarian. More importantly Christians are forbidden from giving vegetarians and hard time Romans 14:2-3 but also points out that vegetarians are "weak of faith".

And after further reading around and about the Web... it seems there is Theistic evolution which is compatible with all the scientific discoveries of the last few hundred years. So you can be a Christian and accept the theory of evolution, big bang, and a spherical Earth But if you can't get your head around the concept of an all powerful, omnipresent God / Goddess / Gods who can transcend time and space to perform His / Her / Their wonders...then you can opt for the fundamentalism of a Geocentric Universe with a flat 6000 year old Earth.

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