Mark Rimmell (markrimmell) wrote,
Mark Rimmell

And.... I can't sleep again.

Tried to sleep after I got off the phone with Ari, but I'm too awake again loads of stuff churning around in my tiny mind like a hundred duvets crammed into too small a washing machine.

Went out for a Thai at the Old Pack Horse in Chiswick tonight with bird_mad_girl, indigo_violet (who may now have to change her lj name to something like "Splendidly Pink"), The Green Fairy herself absinthecity, louis_plumery, piercedandproud, non-lj attendees were Stuart & Jools, Pauline and her chap, and late arrival Tim. I think we all looked rather splendid it must of looked like the circus had rolled into town... chuckle :-) I must see if I can get some copies of the photos that bird_mad_girl was taking.

The food there is rather good and with such good company the evening flew past I was very surprised the evening was over so quick.

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