Mark Rimmell (markrimmell) wrote,
Mark Rimmell

I should be going to bed but....

when you're on you're own there's little point in going to bed if you ain't tired. Phoned Ari, seems last nights power outage lasted all day, $150 of food has defrosted and has to be chucked... If I'd of been there I'd of eaten it... If it was $150 of Ben & Jerry's ;-)

Seems Ari's mum has organised a gathering for the first Saturday... So I get to meet (if I've got this right) one brother, one sister in law, one sister and one brother in law... I've only briefly met Ari's mum before. I guess I'll have to pack my best behaviour, my charm, and my manners.. If I remember where I put them Ah... it's been so long since I last used them. Probably best if I leave my colourful language at home along with my double entendres. Will be a chance to ask them all about Ari though ;-)

I get the feeling Ari is desperate to find homes for the kittens before I arrive fall in love with their fluffily cuteness and insist we keep them all. It may well be an idea to keep me away from the REALLY COOL house in Whitesboro as well because I think she's got the idea I may throw caution to the wind and say let's get it. Right now I'm being all Mr Practical about it... But once I see it for real I think she's right I'll start getting emotionally involved with the place.

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