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Can't sleep

The old webcam seems to have frozen up again, fired off an email to the IT department (ah the boot's on the other foot now Uncle Nemesis is in charge of my computers).

Decided to try and google my way to finding a film I saw many years ago and couldn't remember the title and after a short rummage seems it was a 1944 film called "Between Two Worlds". Ari and I have been racking our brains looking for films with "voyage" or "ship" in the title. I've tracked down a dodgy DVD-R and ordered it but now I want to see the film it was a remake of "Outward Bound" from 1930.

In other news...

I feel a bit useless in the DIY department not having any tools here doesn't help. However I have been filling holes in the garage wall, seems this is called spackling in the USA. The builders have been in to start on repairs to Ari's kitchen, lots of noise this morning seemed like there was about ten of them to do the work of one carpenter. Then they had to come back later because they forgot to do half the job.

Wish I could do more to help here, but without a car I can't just pop out to get DIY supplies.. Even when I do get to Home Depot I haven't got a clue what to look for as every product is called something different from what it would be called in the UK. Also I found out if you ask for a product they want to ask you what you want it for then tell you you are doing it all wrong and should buy a ton of other stuff . OK the guy was trying to be helpful but I just wanted to bodge it cheap and quick it was just a 6 inch hole in the garage wall and it will probably be covered by cabinets, racking or shelving at a later date. Ari managed to save me from a 2 hour dry walling lesson and I was too dumb to pick up on her secret code to politely duck out of the situation and leg it. Anyway we managed to get the glue and fix the hole for about $3. And if I can scrounge a bit of half inch plaster board I mean dry wall off of the builders I can fix the bigger hole for no extra money. Oh and apparently when the bigger hole was made lizards came out of it... That sound totally wrong to me. Anyway tomorrow I'm going to try and get some PVA, I checked on google and it seems to be called PVA here too but if asked I won't tell 'em what I want it for.

We are shipping another cat off to the vet tomorrow to be spayed, if she doesn't do a disappearing act again. Err let's see that'll be 3 down and err... 5 more to go when they are old enough.

My sleep pattern is a little off, but I'm having a good time.

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