Mark Rimmell (markrimmell) wrote,
Mark Rimmell

Weekend in Charlottesville

If only ;-)

Spent the weekend in Charlottesville with my friend Paul who teaches at Virginia University.

Getting there wasn't much fun...I have decided I don't like flying very much and I've become more worried about missing connecting flights and less about crashing.

Charlottesville seems quite nice. We rented a car and I drove it as Paul doesn't drive. I can't figure how any adult can manage in the US with out owning the dreaded car.

This car had more switches and knobs than I knew whet to do with. Strangest thing about driving a left hand drive car I found was looking up and to the right for the rearview mirror. I don't like automatic cars... I hate that momentary loss of power as the transmission changes up. That said it was probably good that I didn't have to worry about changing gear with the wrong hand.

Friday night we hit the town and went to a Mexican restaurant... I don't think I've ever been touched so much, if ever, by a member of restaurant staff. As an Englishman I found this a little disconcerting.

Paul very kindly gave up his bed so I got some sleep. In fact Paul spent both nights of my visit (Harry Potter style) under the stairs. All be it on a very large sofa.

Saturday morning we drove out to visit Mr Jefferson, he was out but a member of staff showed us around his house. I like the house very much. Mr Jefferson has some very nice gadgets I may have to make a copy of his book carrousel... and if I ever have a place with a basement I'm getting a dumb waiter for wine bottles like Mr Jefferson's. Had to keep reminding myself of the shadow that is cast over Monticello (Mr Jefferson's house), it was built and maintained by slaves, not that the tour guide skipped on this detail, I guess I couldn't really get my head around it.

Edgar Allan Poe's room at Virginia University

Paul gave me a tour of Virginia University. It looks like a cool place to work. I did start thinking about the possibilities of moving to Charlottesville... but the cost of houses in the area reflects the quality of life... I.E. it's expensive.

A photograph that demonstrates the quality of life in Charlottesville

Flew back Sunday afternoon via Atlanta, rushed across the airport in a bus that had seen much better days only to find my second flight was also late. Very pleased to see Ari at DFW and it felt like I was home.



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