Mark Rimmell (markrimmell) wrote,
Mark Rimmell


Went to take photos of friend's shop for the Web site I'm doing for her. Treadwell's. New photos should be up by next week, replacing the fuzzy ones there at the moment.

After photo session I thought I was meeting old school friend, Grant. Thought it was kind of arranged he would call me, thought wrong I guess. Gave up waiting and went home to find email blowing me out. Oh well I guess I we can meet up in 10 years or so ;-)

Decided to cycle to my parent's place. Arranged with Angel to pick me up in the afternoon, didn't think I could do the journey both ways. Anyway pack a drink and Sandwich and headed of for Addlestone, via Teddington, Hampton Court, Sunbury Lock, Walton, and Weybridge. Most of the trip is along the river towpath. Passed two very nice looking pubs, will have to check them out soon. Arrived at my parent's around midday, only took about an hour and a half. My mileometer showed 13.99 miles.

Angel arrived around 3pm and we went to the local supermarket and filled up the car with food and beer. Hmmm... So much food and beer my bike wasn't going to fit, so I had to ride back. Surprisingly easy trip back 1 hour 10 mins! Nearly got knocked off my bike by some buffoon who pulled out of a parking space on me, then tried to squeeze past me and didn't stop until I used harsh language for second time. He still didn't know why he should back up even when I explained I was wedged between a skip on my right and him on my left.

Right now... Just updated the Generationxtras site and between writing this I'm scanning the Treadwell's photos. R.J. should be arriving soon and we will probably head off for coffee in the park followed by beer by the river where we will be joined later by Angel :-)

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