Mark Rimmell (markrimmell) wrote,
Mark Rimmell

Last night's fun and games with hackers

I got a call yesterday from a friend who had noticed his ebay account had been hacked. At least 10 bang up to date unlocked mobile phones were being offered from his ebay account. The seller had requested that buyers should contact him at a yahoo email account and not through the ebay system... You wouldn't think anybody would be so dumb but the punters were bidding away like mad things.

Because the items were one day listings and in the last 12 hours we were unable to remove them or add any further information to the listing, like "Don't buy this it's not me!". My friend was receiving a worrying number of bids and enquires about he phones. He was extremely worried he was going to be thought of as some sort of criminal by any successful bidder as the hours ticked away to the end of the auctions... It really was terrible it's exactly like watching a bunch of strangers being slowly mugged in your own home, by someone disguised as you and you're powerless to stop it.... It's exactly like that because that's what's exactly happening. We emailed ebay repeatedly and got auto responses promising someone would look in to the problem within 48 hours, mot much f**kin' help there then.

We removed the few listings we could but then the hacker got wise to us and changed the password. We changed it back, the hacker found it again and changed it once more. Three times this happened... While we were trying to contact ebay to pull the listings ASAP... before presumably the auctions finished and people were dumb enough to contact the fraudulent little bastard and hand over money.. At one point we were looking at bids totaling over £800.

I began to suspect key-logging on his laptop. No time to run a scan we needed the 'puterr running to see if ebay was going to do any thing... To cut a long story short here's a cut and paste from a post I made else where.

Well we did thwart the little bugger in the end. But I wouldn't like to argue the rights and wrongs of what I did in court ;-)

He is a tenacious little git though. I couldn't understand how he kept getting the password even after we changed it.

All I can think is there's a key logger on your laptop... Buggered if I could see it though...

I think ebay are going to have to speed up their response time to this sort of thing and not keep people hanging around worried that they are going to have a ton of emails asking "where's my goods?"

I didn't like ebay's response on the website basically saying "is it one of your friends or family?" then the first email you got from ebay has a go at you for listing items in the wrong sections... Useless gits I thought.

It wasn't so much the hijacking of the account that makes me worry about using ebay in the future it was ebay being frustratingly crap about contacting them. Ebay seem to work on a time scale that is more likely to allow frauds to continue while the affected user has to look on helplessly waiting for ebay to rise from slumber and saunter nonchalantly into action.

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