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Went to see my accountant... Seems I'm not running a business, being a residential landlord is seen as living off your investments. Weird... I will have to decide if I think paying voluntary national insurance is worth it... Can't really say unless I can jump forward in time to check if there will still be a state pension when I'm 65, or if I'll reach 65. Wow! That'll be a bummer, pay out all that money then peg it at 64.

I can't get my head around all the tax stuff but it seems easy this time around, next year will be a little more complicated. Seems I can kiss goodbye to a quarter of my income.

After the accountant I went to take a look at the cat hotel Moses will be staying at. Looks much like the one he used to stay at in Staines. Lady there seems nice and probably won't set Moses to work in some sweatshop once my back is turned.

Came home burnt my mouth on a low cal pizza, I think it's less calories because of the napalm that makes you spit out most of it.

I feel pretty down right now. I need to get on with the kitchen so I can let Neil have his bench saw back on Friday but I'm too jet lagged, too much tax / national insurance info buzzing around my head.

I'm really fighting the urge to crawl into bed.

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