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Met ian_wyrdness for lunch yesterday. His work canteen does or fairly good veg curry. Thanks to ian_wyrdness for that.

I've been functioning on a strange bio rhythm since I got home. I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed by everything I have to do again. Nothing much to worry about as I'm sure all I need to do is get a couple of big things done and I'll get optimistic again.

Oh and I have a question...

If "quantum" can mean either a measurable amount or in physics the smallest bit of stuff that can exist with out other bits of that stuff to stabilize it and keep it as stuff... how did a "quantum leap" come to mean a big breakthrough?

And in other news.
I amused myself in a dream last night. I was back working for BT, I was trying to sort out a tangle of telephone wires. The more I worked on the problem the worse it became I was having to improvise as I didn't have all the right sleeves for jointing the pairs of wires. It suddenly occurred to me I didn't need to be doing any of this and saying "actually I don't work for BT anymore" got up and walked away from the problem.

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