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I had a pretty good day yesterday. Briefly...

Got up,

Went to the cafe

Train up to London, listening to Philip Pullman audiobook all the way. I'm hooked on audio books right now it's almost as good as reading but you can do it walking around and you don't tend to bump into things.

Met with my uncle at Sherlock Holmes pub, had lunch and beers, then down the Strand for coffee.

Came home and did some more work on the kitchen draws.

Later spoke to Ari who wasn't having a very good day at all. Equally briefly... She was in bed watching a film on her laptop, large dog by her side... and one of the carpenters (who should of been busy in the kitchen) came in the bedroom and started rummaging through her draws. Presumably he didn't notice Ari laying behind the large dog. Of course Molly didn't do anything like leap at the guy ripping his throat out or even bark. All seems OK now, Mr Rummager was taken away by his boss and the remaining carpenters got on with the job. Can't be sure if this guy is a pervert, thief, or just incredibly curious, either way I just wanted to get on the next plane to Texas and thump the guy... or shout at him lots... then thump him.

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