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I'm feeling a bit more happy today, mostly due to having a virtual chat with Ari on yahoo. Seems she's thinking of going a bit 1950s this summer. I now have the "Happy Days" theme playing in my head.

Took a pile of stuff to the dump along with the recycling the recycling people keep forgetting to collect, mostly they forget to pick it up because it's locked in my kitchen... Frankly I'm not getting up a 7am to put it out for them and I'm not picking it up from all over the road after leaving it out over night for the chavs to kick about.

I've been for a coffee and snack at the cafe... I must get a photo of the cafe.

Tried phoning Christina, she said either "I'll phone you back in and hour or a half" or Can you phone back in an hour an a half"... SO I erred on the side of caution and called her back... no answer.

Texted Dave, wanted to see if he was up for watching the Toyah / Shoestring episode I've had varying success transferring to DVD.

Ordered some new handles for the kitchen cabinets and chest of draws... I love screwfix direct about a quarter the price of Homebase.

I have a mind to shoot a Sherlock Holmes movie in my living room.

Started to fill in a form for a medical I'm having next week... Thought "too bloody personal!" and stopped.

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