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Feelin' Hot! Hot! Hot!

Hottest day in the UK since records began. Hmmm... So what did we do? We went to an open field with no shade. That was the incredible melting carboot fair that was. Didn't get anything, but Angel got a very nice candlestick. Best part of the day was Angel's daughter and granddaughter came up to see us. Took them to see my parents and friends Dave & Lee-Anne.

Had been feeling pretty yuk from the heat, but seem to be getting better or used to it.

Went to see Unx and Bunny P last night, Unx had crashed out so I chatted to his parents and Bunny. Whilst poking around Unx's many and various projects around the house (hello Unx, that's got you worried).

Waiting in right now for Christina to come round to do scanning. Hmmm... it's 10:45. Where is she?

Think I'll go call Angel now, see how she's holding up at work in this heat.

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