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I had wanted (needed) to go to the DIY store today... As it is I'm still waiting for the parcel.

Yesterday I went to see my solicitor (lawyer) and tied up the last two things outstanding re my dad's Will. Sp it's all done now, finished. I felt really odd walking out of his office with two bits of paper, thinking that less that two years ago I'd been sat in that same office with my dad when he gave me power of attorney. I walked back to the car park in a bit of a daze.

Came home via the electrical wholesalers, wasn't even sure what I was there for at first. Remembered just in time before anyone asked me what I was looking for. It was a 2 gang in-line socket for Ian and my project Mac mini Web and mail server. Went to my storage unit and found the right cable to put on the 2 gang in-line socket and came home.

Put the draw fronts on the kitchen chest of draws of doom.

I kind of feel a little empty now I have done all the probate stuff. I need to collect my dad's ashes, but I'm worried they'll of lost them. I am sort of feeling that the last 2 years didn't happen. Feeling very odd indeed. Strange all the probate stuff finished yesterday, yesterday would of been my mum's birthday... Maybe that's why I feel a bit off..

At least my back feels a lot better.

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