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Bagpuss drinks too much coffee

Went for beers with vampires tonight. Funny bunch.

Why do London pubs insist on putting porter in the fridge these days? And why don't interest groups ever talk about their interest at their meetings? I wonder if there's a pub meeting of the "London Model Railway Group" where they all sit around a talk about vampire films. I think I will start "The Rason Detre Club" members will have to talk only about the club's reason for being for the first hour of each meeting. After which there will be a cold buffet, fine wines and the freedom to talk on all subjects apart from sport and television programs. Oh and the committee will be chosen by lottery every 50 year or when the last committee member has died, which ever comes soonest.

Got home around midnight.

Looked at my email.

Sent a few SMSs.

Christina texted me back and asked me round for coffee.Hmmmm seem to have been round there for 3 hours.
We compared notes on our respective love lives. Well Chris told me about hers and I told her how I would like mine to go. Really shouldn't talk about this stuff while under the influence of beer, I get all confused and stuff.

Must sleep now but Christina filled me with coffee. I could start on the living room but at 3am.... Nah not a good idea.

Think I'll read for a while.

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