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Mark Rimmell

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Errands Done

Found 3 Saint Radio shows for Roger Moore. Sent Rodger text telling him.

Went to bank paid in cheque from solicitor, expect to have phone call or letter from personal finance manager, fiscal policy controller or some such "dumb job title" person in the next few days. I wish there was some box on the paying in slip where I could say "don't get too excited this money won't be in my account for long" or more accurately "deposit already spent".

Went to vet. Cute veterinary nurse didn't know me from Adam but her eyes lit up when she saw Mose's name on the screen "Ah I know Moses" she exclaimed happily... So my cat leaves more of an impression then I do... Hurumph!

Went to Post Office to pick up form.

Got big bag of veg from veg man.

Came home, took pleasure in telling Moses he was going to the vet next week. That'll teach him to go leaving impressions ;-)

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