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Parlo buon Italiano me ol' china.

So there I was walking down my street after an unsuccessful trip to Twickenham on a cufflink mission.... a guy pulls up along side me and winds down his window. I assume he's going to ask directions... Wrong, he asks if I speak Italian, I figure being able to order wine or coffee isn't going to help much in this situation so I deny all knowledge of the beautiful language. So in broken English with a bit of a fishy accent he starts to explain how "he'sa wokin' for an Italiano fashion house and he'sa about to go back to Italy but he'sa stucka witha loada suits init".... Remarkable coincidence, I'm thinking having just spent the months housekeeping an a new suit today. Well I had to stop him in mid-flow as I've heard it all before about Hi-Fi equipment, laptop computers, and suits... I wanted to say "look mate that scam was old when some Roman was flogging togas out of the back of a chariot"... But I sort of feel uncomfortable calling some one a con man... Even when he's clearly BS-ing me. The idea is for me to think I'm getting something really expensive for very little money... What really happens is the "mark" (I could make a pun there) gets a crap, stolen, or both crap and stolen suit for much more than it's worth. It's what's know as a "win lose" situation.

I wonder what he'd of done if I said "Sì parlo Italiano. Che vengo da una grande Siciliana famiglia". Well I do watch The Sopranos ;-)

Oh and I thought I could also say "you have beautiful hair" in Italian but I just checked this in Babel Fish and I may have been saying "You have beautiful hats".

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