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Had tea at the House of Commons yesterday. Tour of both the House of Lords and Commons. Quite an experience I love to whole OTT high Victorian thing. Obviously security was tight and efficient but much more polite than at airports. I'm a big fan of polite efficiency. Had my first couple of cups of tea in years. It was strange to look out across The Thames from the terrace and see London from an perspective I've never seen it from before. It was good to meet other Sherlockians (their knowledge was far greater than mine) but it was good to be able to enthuse about the great man without have to explain all the obvious stuff.

Then went on long guided tour of the city of London visiting sites mentioned in Sherlock Holmes stories. I was astounded how much the city had changed. Many of the buildings I worked in (that were new in the 1980s) were now gone. I think the guide should of mentioned in passing that we didn't demolish Victorian London ourselves much of this work was left to Hitler's mob.

Unfortunately (secretly pleased as I was cold and my feet hurt) I had to duck out of the tour and head for West Kensington to meet with bird_mad_girl, absinthecity, piercedandproud, and queen_of_darts... Got stuck on the tube due to what I suspect was a suicide at Earls Court so jumped out a Gloucester Road station and grabbed a cab. Much wine was drank, much cheese was eaten (note to self give up cheese), pub cats were fussed over, I felt over dressed, and it was suddenly time to head home. Night bus to back to bird_mad_girl and piercedandproud secret HQ for coffee and pizza. Then cab home. Phoned ariaga_k to catch up with all things State side and then crawled into bed.

This afternoon events kick off with tea in Pall Mall, then we dine at The Savage Club this evening.

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