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Where's the week gone?

This time last week we were about to set off to Rochester to see bands, drink, and go shopping.

Well saw bands... mostly excellent. Drank wine. Went shopping in Rochester and got a pair of brass candle sticks for my mantelpiece.
Two nights of bands and only a lift ride from our room to the venue... and a flight of stairs if yer really being pedantic.

Us at the Ball

I wonder what Rochester thought of the smattering of Goffs wandering around on Saturday morning.

Rochester is most strange place by day it's all antique shops and niceness by night it's idiot kids in their mum's old car burning rubber around and around the town. Why don't they go somewhere? When I got my first car the last thing I wanted to do was cruise around my home town all night. I don't know, kids today! Oh and the other thing they do is put an extension tube (which looks like a baked bean can) on the exhaust pipe, presumably to make the car sound louder and meaty, LOL it amplifies the sound of the clapped out engine to the point it sounds like a cartoon jalopy. Most amusing.

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