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Home from more Holmes adventures...

Had another rather splendid afternoon and evening the company of fellow members of The Sherlock Holmes Society of London.

I think I could get rather used to taking tea at the club. Would quite happy doze off in a wing backed armchair as the library clock ticks away the twilight hours of my life as I reflect on a life misspent.

The Savage Club is a club within a club... It is in The National Liberal Club which has a wonderful tiled dinning room... I would love to have a bathroom done in a similar style, only it would have to be scaled down somewhat.

The after dinner speaker, Jack Klaff was most lively and provided us with more of a one man play than the traditional after dinner speaker. His subject was "Science versus Séance". This talk/play had Holmes pitted against his creator in an attempt to debunk the supernatural beliefs of Conan Doyle. This he did with what seemed to be a score of witness all played by Jack himself.

Met many new people (well I'm sure they have been around for a while, but new to me) my memory fails me on most of their names it's that too many new faces new names thing... However I do remember Kat who resides on LJ, so just as soon as I find her card I will be adding her to the LJ friends list... Well when I say "card" we did exchange cards (matchbooks torn-up) and I must get cards printed, although whenever I have had cards on me I've never had occasion to present one... but I digress.

Arrived home to find I have received a wire from Texas... Seems Ari is going to have some unusual colours on the wall.

See her journal soon....

Tomorrow I will be attending a talk on tobacco, pipes and suchlike at Davidoff's. Not being a user of the accursed weed this will be purely academic... However I did notice that the Turkish slipper Holmes keeps by my fireplace is empty, even though I don't like to encourage his smoking it does prevent him from partaking of other substances when visiting me... So I may treat him to a few pipe fulls.

In the evening I will be attending the music hall. Hope to catch a glimpse of ankle from the 2 shilling seats, must take my opera glasses.

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