Mark Rimmell (markrimmell) wrote,
Mark Rimmell

Oak Quest

Angel started her new job yesterday. Seems to like it, pity about the longer hours... Gonna miss Angel coming home at 3ish :-(
Trying to do my bit by doing the evening meal, I'm gonna run out of recipes real soon and then we're on to pot noodles ;-)

Went on epic cycle ride today with friend Marcus (brother of Miss Jinny).

Needs a new sign we think.

We were on a quest to visit the Medieval Oak at Hampton Court.
We picnicked by the tree with a splash of wine too then took these photos.

Marcus and the mighty oak.

It's this wide!

It's all held together with Meccano.

Definitely something about this tree, even it there was a golf course right next to it.
Found a couple of acorns by the tree, think I'll try growing my own 1000 year old oak.

Cycled back over Kingston Bridge, then along the towpath to Twickenham / Ham ferry which has apparently been operating in one form or another since 1652, not the same ferryman I guess. Anyway crossed the river then recovered with coffees in the park cafe.

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