Mark Rimmell (markrimmell) wrote,
Mark Rimmell

In exactly three days time I'll be on the plane and they should be just serving lunch. It would be nice if I get three seats to my self again... but that's pretty unlikely in April. I just checked and there is one seat empty next to me. I may see if I can blag the emergency exit row when I check in... but that's a trade off between elbow room and leg room. That said I refuse to pay twice as much for the same flight just to get 6 inches more space.. I would pay an extra £100 though to have the seat in front locked in the upright position. Oh the joys of air travel. There I've had a bit of a moan and I feel better ;-)

Monday I am meeting my Uncle for lunch at our usual haunt The Sherlock Holmes Pub.

Tuesday I take Moses to the cat hotel... must remember to take payment. Then I pack.

Wednesday I get up hideously early and get the first train to Clapham Junction. Then a second train to Gatwick. Breeze through security and break fast in one of the many fine eating establishments in the departure hall. I will procure some reading material from Mr Smith and Sons news stand. Then await the announcement for boarding of the dirigible bound for Dallas, Texas. I rather like sitting in the departure hall watching the people, some from the furthest corners of The Empire.

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