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Another hot day in Texas...

Already been here 5 days... seems more like 2. Went to the mall today tried to persuade Ari to get her healed up ear piecing redone, but I think she wants me to do it for her.

I had wanted to get some combat type trousers but confronted with hyper choice-o'rama that is an American mall, my brain went in to shutdown to save me from input overload and I completely forgot what I went there for. I was thinking about getting a circular saw and the choice was overwhelming.

We took Molly the dog for a walk tonight and got shouted (or "hollered" as we say in Texas) at for not cleaning up Molly poop. The guy was assuming two things, 1 that Molly had a crap and 2 that we were the sort of people who wouldn't clean up after our dog... He was wrong on both counts. Hopefully when he took a look at where he thought she'd dumped and couldn't find any he felt a bit of a twit he clearly is.

I have noticed how it's always the twit who's got it wrong who shouts the loudest, like the guy who was driving up the wrong way up the one way street back home and shouting at me for being on the wrong side of the road. And the guy who thought I shouldn't be on the pavement on my bike when it was really a cycle path. I guess if you're the sort of person who shouts in the street you've already lost the plot anyway.

Funny thing is when I have been in the wrong (like wandering up a private road thinking it was a public footpath) I get challenged with a very polite "can I help you?".

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