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Can Condo is go...ish.

I wonder if I can get Discovery Channel to take up this as a series?

The Cat Condo project continued today.

There was double jig action and enough sawdust to keep the class hamster happy for a year.

It's becoming slightly frustrating working on the Cat Condo. I need more tools but can't see the point in buying stuff I have at home just for this job.

Update here.

In other news, we went to see Over The Hedge (which gets 4 out of 10 on the Mark scale) Met the Gehr family in the car park, Ari was saying "It's the Gehrs" and I was looking at the posters thinking "Huh? What film?".

Molly the dog got a trip to the vet this morning for shots and claw trim.

Today I gave up all pretensions to decency, the Texas heat has forced me into... shorts. My English white legs were on view to all.


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