Mark Rimmell (markrimmell) wrote,
Mark Rimmell

Jet lag struggle

Spent a sunny afternoon by the river with Ruth. Me talking pessimistic bollocks ('cause I is goffik init), Ruth being happy and optimistic. Found a free table in both pub gardens we visited, probably due to there being football crap on the glass teat.

I had planed to stay awake until 8 or 9 on Saturday night then sleep right through to 9 am Sunday morning. I started to nod off as Ruth and I watched Dr Who... I haven't a clue what was going on but it seemed like the most boring Dr Who ever. Ruth left after Dr Who finished and I crashed out after a quick call to Ari. Who I am secretly pleased to hear is missing me (not so secretly now I've posted this), makes me feel wanted.

Woke up around 3am. Watched a Sherlock Holmes DVD that arrived while I was in the USA. Phoned Ari and about an hour ago went for a cycle down by the river.

Have to wait until 10am before I can pick up Moses.

The flat looks a mess, post everywhere... My car is covered in cobwebs (awards self 10 goth points)... At least the garden is looking tidy as Neil paid a visit while I was away.

Not sure I'm going to be up to doing much today. I may try and get my act together to photograph some toy cars to sell on ebay... But I'm feeling pretty apathetic.

Must get on track tomorrow or Tuesday. Need to put a few days in at the storage unit.

Right now I'm feeling pretty good. Sort of "stuff to do, but it can wait" feeling. Looking forward to seeing Nora, Colin and the kids week after next. I have a craving for Fish and chips at the harbour.

Hope to catch up with Ian next week... before he cracks and drinks the New Zealand beer he brought back to share with me.

Just used the LJ spell check and found "Zealand" isn't in their dictionary... If I was a Kiwi I'd complain. Was also surprised to find "harbour" is another of those words missing a letter in American English. Never noticed that before and I must of seen "Pearl Harbor" written 100s of times. I'm sure the Americans are going to do something sinister with all these letters they are stockpiling by leaving them out of words.

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