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Up at lord knows how early. 4:30ish I think

Met James for breakfast. Black coffee, fried eggs, chips and mushroom (knobs to my diet)

Only one computer fair on... Possibly due to world tiddlywinks.

I purchased 50 DVD-Rs and a can of air, just used it to remove a ton of nesting hamsters from various intakes on my main PC. Also got a webcam... Hope to add that to the spy on Moses array later.

We went to the Museum Tavern met with Ian, by the time we left the pub was packed (not having a TV didn't seem to be adversely affecting business). We lunched in the cafe in Museum Street and then headed off. I walked over to Treadwells, and for a while it seemed like I was the only man in London, as far as I could see in any direction only ladies... Rather a nice moment.

Popped in to see Christina and booked myself a place for the Victorians and their Belief in Fairies talk next week. Chris asked if I'd be attending in Victorian costume, I should of said I'd be coming dressed as a fairy (chuckle).

Walk over to Waterloo World cup fever less in evidence, the station looked much as normal. They did announce the score over the tannoy, fellow passengers stifled yawns. Had hopped the supermarket would be empty but no such luck.

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