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Apparently 12 million people in the UK watched the match on Saturday. I guess that's a pretty high figure these days.

Here are some figures I found for some classic UK television moments of the past.

Oh No -It's Selwyn Froggitt ITV 07/03/1977 20.88 million.

Miss World BBC1 20/11/1970 23.76 million

Apollo 13 Splashdown BBC1 & ITV 17/04/1970 28.60 million (I watched this clutching my Airfix 1/144 scale APOLLO SATURN V)

The Funeral of Princess Diana BBC1 & ITV 06/09/1997 32.10 million

The Benny Hill Show ITV 24/03/1971 21.67 million

And football in the past

FA Cup Final Replay: Chelsea vs. Leeds United BBC1 & ITV 29/04/1970 28.49 million

The World Cup Final - 1966 BBC1 30/07/1966 32.30 million

World Cup 1998 - England vs. Argentina ITV 30/06/1998 23.78 million

I wonder if the figures for this World Cup will be more or less. I read somewhere that despite the audience for football on TV declining the cost of showing it was going up... Is that still true? If so when will market forces kick in? Will this world cup boost the TV figures or just sell a lot of "Made in China" flags?

I rather hope England get through to the final as (apart form my reasons I gave earlier today) I am curious to see if the viewing figure will be higher than 1966.

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