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Neil arrived last night and we went for a curry. I tried to persuade him a drink in Chiswick would be fun but he'd been on the road all day from Scotland, so we slumped in front of the glass teat watching season 2 of Deadwood.

Later woken up by chavs in the street. Neil was in the front bedroom so it must of been extra loud for him. I was laying there weighing up the pros and cons of stringing up one of my longbows, calling the police, or putting my earplugs in.

Neil's gone to The British Museum to photograph bronze swords today. I should be making space for tons of boxes we are brining back from my storage unit on Monday.. But I just can't get going. I did manage to drag myself over to the garden centre to get cat litter... But right now I just feel like going back to bed.

I think Neil's working during the day tomorrow so I may go to a car boot fair... Should really go as a seller but still need to sort out stuff to flog.

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