Mark Rimmell (markrimmell) wrote,
Mark Rimmell

Two odd dreams

First odd dream.
I was one half of a team investigating an old ladies claim to a fortune. She was 86 years old in a nursing home totally bewildered and of no use to out investigation. There was another half of her family trying to get their hands on the money. As she depended on the money for her care I was tempted to side with her but as the investigation went on I felt her case was getting weaker. We only had an old crumbling book that gave the background to various court case regarding the fortune. I persuaded my partner that we should go back to the original court records... Which hopefully hadn't been lost during the war.

Second odd dream.
On board a big space station... Really big! Clouds formed in it's artificial atmosphere. I was hunting a psychopath who was killing off the crew. He had also used a laser to burn into children's brains. I ended up been hunted by the psychopath and found you can't hide from heat seeking bullets.

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