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Yesterday I went to a hastily arranged BBQ hosted by piercedandproud and bird_mad_girl. They insisted this was their first BBQ but you'd of never known it from the food that looked professionally prepared. The entire spread was vegetarian too so I didn't have to keep asking in a Laurence Olivier voice "is it safe".

Later I ended up in the front room on my own... I think everyone went to do the washing-up as I heard a lot of splashing.

Today. Phoned Jobcenter+ ring, ring, ring.... cuts off, dial again ring, ring, ring....(cut a long story short) Not such a friendly chap this time. But I did manage the information I need for National Insurance form.

Just had time to dash off for train to meet my Uncle for pub lunch at the Sherlock Holes pub. Good to see Cliff. Hastily filled in National Insurance form in pub and posted directly outside Sherlock Holes pub.

After lunch we went to Baker Street. What on earth has happened to Abbey House?

Took a look in The Sherlock Holmes shop. Incredibly unfriendly staff. I get idea they'd prefer it if people didn't come in getting in the way and wanting to look at stuff. They also seem to have the idea they have the crown jewels on display instead of an average ragtag selection of secondhand Sherlock Holmes books. I wouldn't of minded a poster or two but I felt unwelcome so left.

Uncle and I wandered around the boating lake in Regents Park stopped for coffee twice to avoid the rain. Then headed back to Baker Street Tube. I thought I'd check out the Holmes Museum shop just to see if things had improved there. Nope! Still looks like a pile of tat. One small case of secondhand books at the back, so badly placed you can't see half the books. So I gave that a miss to.

Said "TTFN" to Cliff at station and headed home... Did have the vague idea of stopping off at Murder One on the way home but once on the Bakerloo line I decide to head directly to Waterloo and dodge the rush hour.

Feeling pretty bouncy. One more form compleated and sent off. Just need Jobcentre+ (+ what exatly?) to work-out how much I need to pay them back or in their words "if we should persue recovery of the over payment" Bonkers!

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