Mark Rimmell (markrimmell) wrote,
Mark Rimmell

First chance I've had to sit down and up date this 'ere thing.

Went away with Angel for my birthday last weekend, trip to Bath on Friday morning. Quick look around the town's antique markets and the marvelous reclamation yard. Saw a bath for £4000 + vat I liked, but that's more than the budget for the whole bathroom!

Moved on to Wells in the afternoon via the biggest bookshop ever (well it quite big) The Book Barn. Found a couple of nice items there. Including a book on costume from 1834. I like Wells. Quite market... err city I guess, it's got a cathedral after all. Went for a few beers in the pub with the youngest cliental in Somerset... God! I felt sooooo old. No need to worry as all was set right at breakfast at the B&B when we were the youngest, by at least a century, at the table.

Saturday was spent at the antiques fair Royal Bath and West Showground, where I was made to feel all old again by the stalls selling toys I had as a child and making out they were antiques! Went with a long list of things I wanted and only got an old car horn for a quid. May be we should have gone on the Friday when all the dealers go. Angel did get the poshest bin in the world though. Saturday night was spent in the pub and then crashed out tired little bunnys.

Sunday drove back and stopped at my parents for birthday nosh up.

Monday went to see Underworld. Much fun seeing Vamps and werewolfs doing stuff they learned from The Matrix.

Tuseday.... Can't remember.

Wednesday. Updated various websites I do.

Thursday. Took mum to hospital to see what the next stage in the fight against cancer will be. Good news... I think... Keeping fingers crossed... Will only write it down once we know for sure.

Now... about to go up to London for beers with that mad lot at the Princess Louise. Mmmmmm beer!

Would also like to rant about the utter stupidity of the Royal Mail and the managing agents of my flat, but I won't. Just like to say letters have been and are being written to the idiots!

OK I feel better now. Looking forward to Angel getting home and heading off for a night out with her.

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