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Got up to the sound of someone digging the road up... Again!

Sorted out a couple of boxes for the charity shop.

Shredded the last of the old documents and took all the paper to be recycled.

Thought I saw goth walking down the A316... I did it was glamgothruthy... I claim my 10 shillings.

Had to do Lladro research when I got in. I have a few figures that belonged to my mother and I want to sell them but really don't want to trust the Royal Mail with china. I wonder if I'd get any bids if I say no postage local pick-up only?

Also cleared a load of photos off my phone... and just so these fine works of art aren't lost forever I put a selection here.

I while I was tinkering with my Web site I linked my mother's stage career in via the gallery page.

Off to get something to eat now then have to sort out my camping gear.

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