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For the second time in 3 days I find myself trying to explain how to do a non mitered joint by coping the edge of the wood. First on Saturday when I can hold the wood and point to the edge and explain. This first time was to Uncle Nemesis who is laying a new floor. I gave up it's easy to do hard to explain.

Then tonight I'm trying to explain it again this time to Ari. I gave up, the technique can not be explained over the phone, especially not by me who can't do it when I can point at the wood and wave my hands about. I did find some videos on-line for her but the deal with much bigger moldings. She may just have to miter it and try and allow for the walls not being 90 degrees and if the molding looks the way I suspect will have to cut at the same point in the pattern on each of the opposing pieces. I've done that in the past. Measure the angle where the the wall meets, divide by two that's your miter.

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