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A cycling we will go

Picked up parcel from post office this morning. Seems the office is only open from 8:30 - 12:30. This probably brings the Royal Mail into line with new government standards of "Can't Do". It just keeps on getting worse.

Anyway... Cycled on one errand done, went to bank seemed to be dress crap Friday in there. Then on to Hampton Wick to pick up a wall lamp from the vaguest woman in England. Very surprised to get lamp. Cycled back via Bushy Park stopped for a ginger beer and found drunks on MY BENCH! So I had to make do with a bench that faces altogether the WRONG direction. Cycled back and began putting up picture rail in hall. Stuck now while I wait for joints to dry in rail... Hrumph!

Renewed a couple of domains and worked out what I'm going to have to charge everyone for domain space. For friends it's at cost but I still feel bad about doing it.

Monday off filming for some archeology TV thingy, helping out casting a bronze Roman God it seems.

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