September 20th, 2002

Checking my watch


Here I sit at home all on my tod, Angel's at work and I'm bored. Just ordered a heap of electronic components online, can't get on with my latest project without them. Ha, ha Mr. Bond not even you can stop me now.

Living room is slowly getting there. One cupboard come draws arrangement built and another almost done. Just got to a tricky bit so I'm leaving it for a bit while I think about it and I need more wood too. It's gonna have a hinged top so I can hide my record decks away, yes I still do the vinyl thing. Anyway all technologies will be hidden from view in the front room.

Was thinking about going to see Uncle Nem and Bunny P tonight. Unx is moving his Mini from one lock up to another. Classic cars cost way too much if you ask me, it's not the buying 'em it's everything that comes later. Anyone want to buy a 1960 VW Beetle?

Wish it was Whitby next weekend, I have a hankering for sea breezes and too much beer.

The report of my attendance of a "Vampire" event last weekend has been greatly exaggerated.
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