September 9th, 2003

Checking my watch

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Been home alone boy today and tonight. Angel's down in Eastbourne. Truly awful things happened over the weekend :-(

Keeping myself busy
Popped out to take garden rubbish to dump, then went to see Bunny P. Just time for a coffee and a quick natter.

Further amused myself today by planting loads of bulbs in the garden.

Also built an arch in the hall with two plaster corbels. That wood's only temp to hold the corbel while glue sets. Going to hang a curtain behind this arch to hide bikes and recycle bins. Just need to plaster it now, then put up picture rail, dado, paneling, then paint stain, make new doors from salvaged one... OH WHY DO I START THESE THINGS! This is only the hall still need to do bedroom and computer / work room.

Missing Angel. She's on her way back.
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