September 12th, 2003

Checking my watch

Sarah Bernhardt film

Wow! Sarah bio to be made by Steven Spielberg... Yep I've heard of him.
With Nicole Kidman as Sarah, had to look her up to remind myself who she is (sorry Nicole).

Sarah Gets Cross

Well I don't usually go see Spielberg films... Last one I saw at the cinema was probably Close Encounters of the Third Kind. However with two big names this film should have a BIG budget and promises to be 19th Century French Eye Candy.

Been a bit of a Sarah fan for... well... years and years. Seen the films (yes she made films), got her recordings (yes she made records), read her books (yes she wrote books) She even found time to act between painting and sculpting. Went to an exhibition in Paris a couple of years ago, visited her grave, made a website. Nearly acted as advisor on a drama documentary a few years back but that project got dropped by the studio.

So Mr Spielberg giv' us a job on your movie. I've read everything there is on Sarah! Go on you know you can't make it with out me ;-)
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Checking my watch


Hmmm. Didn't expect the wire arch form to move as much. Leaving it to dry as it's flexing too much and bits of wet plaster drop off. Otherwise it's looking good, taking ages to dry though.