January 15th, 2004

Checking my watch

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Went for an eye test yesterday. Arse! I now need glasses to read. All those little errors in my dividing DNA are starting to add up to TOTAL SYSTEM FAILURE. Worst of all they said the style of glasses I wanted, (little wire Dickension clerk frames) weren't suitable for my ear to nose ratio or something. Sales girl looked concerned when I said I'm move my ears to make the glasses fit.

Uncle Nemesis and Bunny P. came round last night. I only had green tea, so I offered them that. Mr Johnson replied he wanted blue tea, something you should never do to someone with a cupboard full of food colouring. Amazingly he drank it! It looked pretty yuck. It reminded me of a liquid ceramic I use in bronze casting, which is presumably blue to stop people drinking it by mistake.