February 16th, 2004

Checking my watch

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Saturday had bad news from Angel. Two of her friends, Ian and Sarah, had been killed in a car crash early hours of the morning on the way home from a club in Brighton. Another friend, Jamie, who was also in the car was now in intensive care.

I went right down to Eastbourne.

Terrible time. We couldn't visit Jamie until Sunday afternoon. Time dragged... Kept "thinking it's got to be a mistake, they are all OK". Weirdest of all early Sunday morning I have a dream about Jamie playing a game of chess with Death.

We went to see him, all tubes and machines he was still being kept sedated and looked very frail and very knocked about.

This morning I had to come back to take my mum to the doctors. She's been in pain all weekend.
Reasonably good news, it seems it's pleurisy... Well if pleurisy was ever good news? At least it's not the liver. Seems the chemotherapy has left her resistance low. So as long as the antibiotics work it's not too bad.

Angel phoned tonight, Jamie's awake :-) Breathing for himself. He was able to write her a few notes, not talking yet. God what a turn round. They should be moving on to a normal ward tonight.

Obviously thoughts are with Ian and Sarah's family and friends. I haven't got the words to express this, it's been dreadful just being on the sidelines of this I can only imagine what those close to them are going through.
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