March 4th, 2004

Checking my watch

Dirty Stopout

Just got home after a night on the tiles with piercedandproud and bird_mad_girl also got to meet indigo_violet, also in attendance were Ghost Hunter Dave and Tim but I don't know their LJ names or indeed if they frequent these illustrious halls. I had intended not to drink last night because I was driving however I was persuaded that sleeping on the sofa would be a good idea and launched myself into the beer. Can't remember much about last nigh right now. Apart from indigo_violet's amazing hair, Louise Brooks coming into the pub, and GHD's story about his big showdown with ten thugs he took on single handed. Apologies for any bollocks I may have been talking. Oooo! It's all coming back to me :-)The night went all too quickly and we soon found ourselves thrown out on to the rain soaked streets of Chiswick.

Woke up screaming on piercedandproud and bird_mad_girl's sofa after horrific nightmare (I get night terrors) They say I didn't wake them... I though I was awake on their sofa and a big arm came from under it and tried to grab me.... Eeeek!

Was presented with coffee and toast first thing then headed home. Had hoped Marcus would pop round this morning but no sign of him yet and his mobile won't connect.

Phoned my mum she sounds terrible. I'm going over to see her this afternoon and do shopping for them.

Anyone going to Haujobb / The Chaos Engine on Friday? Looks like Uncle Nem and Bunny won't be going and I will be standing there like Nobby Nomates.

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Checking my watch

Other News...

Parcel Farce Managed to deliver my parcel around 5 yesterday afternoon... This was after they told me it wasn't on the van and could they please have another go at getting it to me today.

Also I have come to a conclusion about my Barnet. As the only people who have suggested I cut it have been leaning out of the window's of white vans (always a moving van and with a clear road ahead I notice... Hmmm why is that?)... Added to to this equation the comment "let's face it at your age it's all you've got going for you" and my personal observation that I can hide my ugly mug behind it... I won't be cutting my hair. I've had an offer of help with dying it, most welcome as when I try this myself I usually end up tangled in the shower curtain, falling into the bath head first, getting more dye on my face than on my hair, whilst missing vast expanses of barnet. Now what colour will it be?


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OK where are we...


Oh yes... right.


Waited in just incase Marcus turned up but eventually had to head over to parents. Went via petrol station and washed silver machine for the first time, and it seemed to keep the water out even using high pressure washer lance. Resisted the urge to use high pressure washer lance on my hair.

Took mum and dad shopping. Rushed round hoping they wouldn't see how much wine I buy.

Mum looking and sounding bad. But dad says this is best mum has looked all week.
"F**k! What did mum look like for the rest of the week?" I think.

Got my expensive light switches of retro today. They really look Jack the Biscuit can't wait to wire 'em up.

In other news today.

R.J. is coming to stay and a meeting with drinks has been arranged with professor T in two weeks time.

Tried to order hair dye from tonight, it's not working. Is it me or them? Tried 3 browsers, with and without firewall.