March 15th, 2004

Checking my watch

And catching up...

Sunday finished the hall! Ta Da! OK I still need to make some curtains and varnish 7.75 doors but I'll do that after I've done the main bedroom. Really looking forward to doing this as it is going to be the room where I really go to town on in an over the top design sort of way.

Did a few web updates Sunday evening and started reading Macromedia Flash MX 2004. I may have to buy this book. Also had long soak in the bath, it seemed very novel to be doing this with the light on.

Had another nice long email from Ari and I composed a carefully crafted ramble in reply.

Having a rest this week. The rest got off to an early start this morning when the washing machine started up. I love this delay start feature, it means I can have a lay in safe in the knowledge that at least one task of the day is underway. Eventually got up and pottered around while I waited to hear from glamgothruthy to send her coordinates and ETA for our bargain hunt in Twickers. Unfortunately Twickers isn't as good as Surbiton on the charity shop front and we only score a book each and Ruth has the added bonus of some ear studs. Ruth did keep pointing out the tweed jackets but despite Friday I haven't developed a taste for tweed jackets. Now if a full cape Inverness with a matching deerstalker turned up for a few quid... That would be a different matter.

Having exhausted all the benevolence boutiques we head over to see piercedandproud to drink him out of tea and coffee and check out his photo albums... I had forgotten he had those pics of me playing Santa Claus at liz_lowlife's old school. Eeek! Some discommodious stuff came out this afternoon and Gawd knows what Ruth thinks of Dave and me now...

We eventually headed back to Twickers around 5pm and dropped glamgothruthy off to do more shopping. I think Ruth could shop for England.

I head back to try and finish clearing up prior to RJ visiting. Tomorrow seems to be shaping up well. RJ will arrive mid afternoon and promises to bring "critical eyes" to cast over my hall. Professor T has confirmed he will be in the Museum Tavern around 6 but sadly won't be able to stay late.

I've been watching the Rebuilding the Past series that was shown on Discovery recently. It follows the recreation of a Roman villa at Butser Farm. I helped in a very, very small way when Neil did a bronze cast of a Roman god there last year. When I turned up on site the villa was pretty much finished. But I had no idea what sort of a hard slog against the elements, planning office, contractors, dwindling finances, and much, much more the team had. I really take my hat off to the team to have finished it at all. It really looks the business. Go see it!

I've still got the last two episodes to watch. I'm saving them for when RJ is here as he's a bit of a mosaicist on the quiet. They were working an a very nice looking mosaic when I was there that should be in the last two episodes.

I put up the brass curtain rod behind the arch tonight. Nearly forgot to put the rings on, and as there was very little clearance to get my hand in and do up the screws I was please I noticed in time and didn't have to undo them again. Had to use extra long screws as there could be about 10 yards of velvet hanging on this rail.

I tried unsuccessfully to tempt Uncle Nemesis onto LJ by taking all the fuss out of setting up his own LJ account. Sadly having given Unx the password he seems to have thrown his sabo into the machinery.