November 21st, 2004

Checking my watch

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I've been having a few problems with my new PC I'm trying to put together for my video work. It decided to get into what can only be described as a "reboot loop". I decided that probably this was due to Service Pack 2, as I had just upgraded. Wrong!

I tried to reinstall and found the operation froze up when we got to floppy #6, so I tried a new set of disks, same problem. Then I tried a single boot disk with just the essentials, this got me a little further and the CD started to install... then once again it would freeze up.

So Yesterday having decided this was a hardware problem I went to the computer fair to get pretty much everything I needed to build another PC. My plan was to replace each suspect part and by process of elimination find the offending component. So £200 later I had an ASUS Motherboard, XP2800 CPU, 512mb of RAM, Keyboard, mouse, FDD, and PSU.

Later on we met up with James and Lisa at the Museum Tavern, where amongst other things we talked about my PC problem. James suggested I check the posts the motherboard was mounted on. It seemed he had a similar problem and it was due to there being one too many posts under the motherboard shorting out the tracks. No! I thought I could be so simple, I couldn't of been so dumb... could I? The case was an old one I'd used before so there was a chance not all the posts were lining up. I checked as soon as I got home. 6 screws holding the board to the case, looked around the other side... 7 posts. So just to make sure I tried booting once more with out doing anything... Same freeze up on 6th floppy. Removed offending post and Bob's yer uncle... We have boot-up. A big thank you to James.

I now have a pile of components I didn't really need, so I think I'll get on and build the Victorian PC around these parts.

In other news, Moses the black cat of doom was giving cause for concern as he had not had a crap for over 48 hours. This was mostly down to not being able to keep anything down for a day. Well good news he did the business last night so no vet visit for him. He really doesn't like going in the basket or the car and I worry he'll drop dead of fright each time I take him anywhere.

Also today was the first day I didn't have to set the alarm to get up and I feel so much better for getting up when I woke up in my own good time. The last week has been spent clearing my dad's place just one room ahead of the painters. Not too much of a job unless you happen to be wadding through ME pain caused by the previous day's exertion. It was only by going back to bed every 4 or 5 hours I got through it. I guess this is the "learing to live with it" my doctor mentioned. Not much more to be done there now and I will be happy when I can give the keys to a letting agent then rest and see my dad more.

Best news is I've booked a flight to Dallas in January. I guess I should of waited until Feb 14th but I can't wait that long to see Ari again.
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